Previvo offers a medical device that empowers women and couples, both fertile and infertile, in assisted reproduction. Our proprietary and patented medical device is designed with you and your potential baby in mind.

Is Previvo right for you?

Our studies demonstrate that we can conduct Previvo Uterine Lavage while maintaining safety of the woman and the embryo(s).

The Previvo Uterine Lavage System is built upon robust and extensive intellectual property and clinical testing. We continue to invest in our intellectual portfolio by filing new methods and system improvements. With over 130 lavages, The Previvo Uterine Lavage System has demonstrated the ability to recover healthy embryos.

The Previvo Uterine Lavage System empower women and couples with a new assisted reproductive technology choice in the pursuit of a pregnancy.

Approximately 12% of women in the US will receive infertility services during their lifetime. There are several options for those seeking treatment – from one of the least expensive methods, intrauterine insemination (IUI), to one of the most expensive technologies, in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Previvo Uterine Lavage is another choice in assisted reproduction technologies (ART).  Based on cost and effectiveness, Previvo Uterine Lavage fits within the continuum of ART and offers patients a potential cost-effective option.