Fertility & Fundamental Choice

“We believe that fertility treatment is a fundamental choice and we want to empower women and couples with an option in assisted reproductive technology. The Previvo Uterine Lavage System is a medical device to collect naturally fertilized embryos without having to undergo general anesthesia and the invasiveness of IVF for otherwise fertile couples.”

Dr. John E. Buster
Dr. John E. Buster
Dr. John E. Buster class=
Lavage as a Disease Prevention Solution
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With growing demand in fertility preservation and disease prevention, fertile couples have limited options available that are invasive and ineffective. Uterine lavage aims to be the go-to solution for couples who are looking to be proactive in the health of their children.

Previvo Genetics Founded, Offering a New Choice
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Building upon the original uterine lavage work, Previvo Genetics is formed to commercialize the uterine lavage technique.


What Makes Us Different?

Previvo Uterine Lavage offers a natural-like choice that empowers women and couples, both fertile and infertile, in assisted reproduction.

The Previvo Uterine Lavage System is a minimally invasive medical device enabling recovery of in vivo developed embryos from the uterus of a woman. The System embodies a single-use intrauterine Lavage Catheter, a Lavage Controller and a transportable collection system.

This technique of embryo recovery will be the main means to acquire in vivo preimplantation embryos and is an alternative to IVF in performing genetic screening on the embryos.

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